Master Programme in Waldorf Education

Kristine gained courage and inspiration for her further work

"I could see my skills growing while doing the assignments."

An unforgettable and rich experience

I chose to study the Master Programme in Waldorf Education because I wanted to go further in my studies, deepen my knowledge and understanding about Steiner education and research done so far. The main reason for choosing RSUC was the opportunity to study in an international community. Being together with such a diverse group of teachers during the entire study process was an unforgettable and rich experience, for we could learn from each other’s country and cultural backgrounds.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of RSUC for many reasons. First, highly professional teachers and lecturers. In my opinion the content of the studies is well thought of, condensed and meaningful. All the assignments seemed to be in a logical sequence and I could see my skills growing while doing them. Second, the venue of the studies is a welcoming space for being together with other students and lecturers, and for going deeper into oneself as well. Third, the international community. I am still in touch with many of the teachers that I studied together with. We have been exchanging phone calls and emails and it is really nice to keep sharing our knowledge and experience.

What I gained from my learning outcomes is the experience of being a part of academia. I have gained the access to knowledge that qualitative research provides. These skills are very important to me because now I can go further on my own. I orientate in academic texts and research quite well and I can prepare lectures for parents and other teachers in my country that are based on research in Waldorf education. A new Waldorf school has recently opened in Latvia and I am able to contribute with workshops and lectures. The Master Programme in Waldorf Education provided the skills and also courage and inspiration for my further work.

Read Kristīne's master thesis: The long forgotten topic - the education of the will.

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Master Programme in Waldorf Education

Experience-based master
3 years